<span class="caps">HBK</span> – <span class="caps">ASP</span>


audiovisueller Dialog – dialog audiowizualny

Interactive Book

HBKASP is an prin­ted chro­ni­cle about the twenty-year-old part­nership of Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Art in Germany and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. The profes­sors of both univer­si­ties orga­ni­zed sympo­si­ums, exhi­bi­ti­ons and work­shops which were often about video art, instal­la­ti­ons and perfor­man­ces that is why there was a lot of video mate­rial. Three fellow students desi­gned the book while it was my task to add this video mate­rial somehow to the book.

One of the first ideas was to deve­lop an augmen­ted reality app but then I focu­sed on combi­ning the analo­gue and digi­tal elements in a way in which allo­wed both medi­ums to work with their advan­ta­ges. The ideal solu­tion would be a book with a display to keep the prin­ted text read­a­ble so we came up with what is alre­ady there: the user’s smart­phone.

The final project is a mobile website (working on almost any device) which allows the user to scan graphi­cal stills prin­ted as place­hol­ders for videos. After­wards the website auto­ma­ti­cally plays the video matching to the content of the page and enab­les the user to put his own screen directly into the book watching the video and reading the text side by side.

Addi­tio­nally we used more digi­tal advan­ta­ges like choo­sing the language (while the book has German and Polish texts in paral­lel) or adding comments to keep the inter­ac­tion and the exchange between students and coun­tries ongo­ing.


Book design: Katha­rina Sellier, Melis Sivaslı, Vikto­ria Dietz
Inter­ac­tive video archive: Farina Hamann, Hamed Bahrami

Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Art, Octo­ber 2017