<span class="caps">WE</span> #<span class="caps">AR</span> #<span class="caps">VR</span>!!1!

WE #AR #VR!!1!

Virtual und Augmented Reality Exhibtion

The exhi­bi­tion WE #AR #VR!!1! was the second virtual reality exhi­bi­tion I mainly orga­ni­zed for open studios at Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Art. It contai­ned a virtual reality area where we show­ca­sed some self deve­lo­ped VR Games like Stump A Trump which were made in one weekend work­shops. For many visi­tors it was the first time to try VR so it was important to make them comfor­ta­ble and avoid problems like cyber sick­ness.

The second part was an augmen­ted reality poster series called Arbeit – Design – Zukunft which means work – design – future. In my tuto­rial of the inter­ac­tion design class we talked about specu­la­tive design jobs in the future. Each student desi­gned a poster about one career fantasy and thought about a virtual addi­tion. In class we program­med these ideas for augmen­ted reality using Unity and Vuforia. The visi­tors could down­load the app directly on their own phone or borrow one.


Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Art, July 2017

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