More things I do


April 2018
Places VR_Hackathon, Wissen­schafts­park Gelsen­kir­chen
»VRee Oskar« Virtual Reality Expe­ri­ence for sustai­na­bi­lity and envi­ron­men­ta­lism
Novem­ber 2017
Hack­ven­tion, Robo­ta­tion Academy Hanno­ver
»VR Motion Kit« Loco­mo­tion method in three-dimen­sio­nal spaces
Award: Best Proto­type
Septem­ber 2017
Holo­Hack, Tech­ni­sche Univer­si­tät Braun­schweig
»Q • be« Appli­ca­tion for civic parti­ci­pa­tion for Micro­soft Holo­Lens
Award: Second Place
Febru­ary 2016
Sehen­Hören­Tei­len, NDR Hamburg
by NDR, ARD, Google News Labs and next media acce­le­ra­tor
»Point of VR« Plat­form for 360° videos for Google Card­board
Award: VR in News


April 2018
Design in VR – Print in 3D Master­class
Eric Finn Oltmanns (VR Base), VR Places Festi­val
March 2018
Mika John­son (direc­tor of VRwand­lung), Goethe Insti­tute Prague
August 2017
Two-week Summer Academy »Learning with Virtual Reality (VR) in the fields of healt­hwise preven­tion and stress manage­ment«
Hamburg Krea­tiv Gesell­schaft and Career Center Univer­si­tät Hamburg
March 2017
Power­lab I + II – Story­tel­ling in VR
Astrid Kahmke (Baye­ri­sches Film­zen­trum), Hack­ven­tion CeBIT 2017

Teaching, Talking and Writing

since Septem­ber 2017
»Virtual Reality – the next big thing?!«
Regu­lar work­shops at Proto­haus Braun­schweig
Okto­ber 2018
»Inter­ac­tion Design for Virtual Reality«
Keynote speech at Game­Jam 2018: Work 4.0
March 2018
»Rese­arch in VR«
Panel discus­sion at Hannovr Meetup no. 7 Female Voices
Septem­ber 2017
»Logbuch Digi­ta­lien – Episode 5«
Podcast on Radio Oker­welle about digi­tal topics (German only)
July 2017
»Work – Design – Future«
Augmen­ted Reality Tuto­rial, Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
Octo­ber 2016
»VRathons an der HBK Braun­schweig«
Arti­cle in PAGE 10.2016, S. 91 – 92. (free down­load, German only)


May 2017
Novem­ber 2016
Nomi­na­tion for Future Award 2016
for the project Ana Kalypto
August 2016
Nomi­na­tion for BLOOOM Award
for the project Ana Kalypto

Group Exhibitions

»Digi­tal Dreams«
Inter­ac­tive Instal­la­ti­ons about Digi­ta­li­za­tion
PopUp Markt­halle Wolfs­burg
Febru­ary 2018
Graduate Exhi­bi­tion
Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
July 2017
»WE #AR #VR!!1!«
Virtual Reality Games und eries of posters with Augmen­ted Reality
Open Studios at Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
May 2017
»Die ADC Ausstel­lung«
Exhi­bi­tion ADC Junior Awards
Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg
July 2016
»We are VR«
Presen­ta­tion of Ana Kalypto, more VR games and 360° videos
Open Studios at Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
May 2016
»Typo & Buch − Arbei­ten aus einem Jahr HBK«
Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
June 2015
»1046, Braun­schweig – Hong Kong – Braun­schweig«
Exhi­bi­tion of book design class
Inter­ven­tio­nen, Braun­schweig Univer­sity of Arts
Octo­ber 2012
»Gesich­ter der Erde«
Exhi­bi­tion of Art Atelier of New Yorker Musi­sche Akade­mie
Wohn­park am Wall Braun­schweig